In-Person Training Sessions
With a passionate and educated team of passive fire professionals on-hand, we’re always trying to keep people safe and educate the market. Based in Sydney and Brisbane, our passive fire training sessions are designed to make passive fire easy.

Trafalgar have a dedicated training room. We offer training sessions for individuals and groups onsite at our Granville Head Office and Brendale QLD locations. Hosted by our Trafalgar Team Engineers, participants enjoy a face to face training with a Q&A session. The Trafalgar Technical Team can explain the NCC requirements and talk about our range of passive fire systems from their extensive live-fire testing experience.

Head Office sessions also include an optional tour of our factory providing an insight into our Australian Manufacturing facilities.

Topics Covered

  • What is passive fire
  • Hierarchy of legislation (Building Code)
  • What is involved in Fire Testing? (see actual footage and photos!)
  • What is an FRL and other common industry buzz words
  • Interpreting the NCC & avoiding the traps on site!
  • Product overviews & applications

Who would benefit?

Anyone with an interest in fire protection (or seeing cool fire testing footage) including mechanical, electrical, wall and plumbing contractors, builders, architects, facility managers. Here’s what one of our attendees, Mark Tripet, had to say about it:

“To all Facilities and Built Environment Asset Managers, do yourselves a favour and jump in on a Trafalgar training session. I promise you this is a good investment of time. Learn lots, be challenged and informed.”

Front-on image of two men talking at a Passive Fire Training session in Sydney NSW