Service Penetrations in
60 Minute Plasterboard Ceilings

Approvals for service penetrations in fire-rated plasterboard ceilings are limited across the market, however, Trafalgar Fire has a range of system approvals that are tested specifically for plasterboard ceilings to AS1530.4:2014 with RISF ratings.

At Trafalgar Fire, we have a wide range of passive fire systems available for Service Penetrations In Plasterboard Ceilings. All of our systems have been extensively fire tested at independent fire test laboratories ensuring strict compliance with the National Construction Code.

Our tested systems are approved for ceilings constructed of a minimum of 1 x 13mm & 1 x 16mm of fire-rated plasterboard. This specification will achieve a full -/60/60 with 60min of RISF performance, for all listed services in the technical manual. These approvals can also be applied to thicker ceilings, such as 2 x 16mm plasterboard or even 3 x 16mm plasterboard, for the same FRL performance. For -/120/120 approvals refer to the 2-Hour Ceiling Penetrations Applications Page.

Use the Interactive Render below to find the best fire stopping system for your Service Penetrations In 60 Minute Plasterboard Ceilings applications!


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FRL Tables, installation instructions, benefits, applications, and more are all available in our comprehensive manuals, for all systems and products.

Passive Fire Stopping Systems for
Service Penetrations In 60 Minute Plasterboard Ceilings


High performance fire rated board FyreBOARD Maxilite.


High performance fire rated board FyreBOARD Maxilite.


FyreCOLLAR Premium Retrofit logo

Up to 100mm PVC pipes.


FyreCOLLAR Mixed Services logo

For pair coil penetrations.


FyreCOLLAR Conduit logo

Designed to provide maximum protection

against the spread of fire through

walls, ceilings, and floors

that are penetrated

by plastic conduits and plastic pipes.


Fire Rated Access Panels for Ceilings


Fyreflex logo

FyreFLEX sealant and TWrap to seal cable trays and metal pipes.


Fire rated damper

Intumescent ceiling-mounted dampers to AS1530.4: 2014 in 2 and 3-layer plasterboard ceilings.


Fyree Box maxi logo

The FyreBOX Maxi is a retro-fit multi-service penetration system designed to prevent the spread of fire through small or large service penetrations, in the smallest footprint possible. 


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Render of FyreBOX Slab-Mount installed into slab

FyreBOX Slab-Mount

Four tubes of FyreFLEX Fire-Resistant Sealant

FyreFLEX® Intumescent Sealant


FyreCOLLAR Premium Retrofit

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