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Trafalgar’s SuperSTOPPER® Circular stands as a cutting-edge solution for containing not just fire but also a range of other crucial elements within service penetrations in modern-day buildings. It was meticulously developed to provide the ultimate in containment or SUPER containment properties, addressing various needs, including fire, smoke, sound, energy, air leakage, and even the challenges of stringent seismic movements. The SuperSTOPPER Circular is the answer to today’s multifaceted containment requirements.

You no longer have to try and fit a square BOX in a round hole!

Tested as part of the FyreBOX range, the circular shape has been engineered and sized to allow for quick neat, and cost-effective holes to be made in fire barriers, Whether it is a core hole in a concrete floor slab or a hole saw in a plasterboard wall; openings can be prepared to suit the inclusion of a SuperSTOPPER® Circular for mixed services.

The Trafalgar FyreFLANGE is an integral and equally innovative means of fitting the Superstopper into the opening. It is square to assist with catering for real-world annular gaps made in the fire barrier and can friction fit the SuperStopper in place without needing to drill into the fire barrier.

Intumescent foam plugs are also fitted, giving the SuperSTOPPER® Circular superior reliability and acoustic properties, and the ability to allow for adds, moves, and changes.

Core Holes:


Core holes are often created in concrete floor slabs to accommodate various services, such as plumbing, electrical wiring, or data cables. These openings can potentially compromise the integrity of fire barriers within a building. The SuperSTOPPER® Circular offers a practical solution to protect these penetrations, even when core holes are present.

When core holes are present in the floor slab, the SuperSTOPPER® Circular can be easily installed from the top side, providing a convenient and efficient way to safeguard the penetration without the need for complex or time-consuming installation procedures. This approach not only simplifies the installation process but also ensures that fire and smoke containment is maintained even when service penetrations are present.

Key Features

  • Allows multiple and mixed services to pass through one opening in:

    • Walls
    • Shafts
    • Floors
    • Ceilings
  • Tested and certified:

    • Fire- Rated
    • Acoustic Rated
    • Prevents Air leakage
    • Resistant to Seismic movement
  • Mixed services approved in any quantity or configuration
  • Retro-fit or new construction
  • Space saving eliminates the need for 200mm separation between adjacent services
  • Tested in Hebel®, single/ double layer plasterboard, Speedpanel® and many other common wall, floor and ceiling systems
  • Fire tested in independent laboratories
  • Thoroughly tested to AS1530.4-2014



  • Electricians: Power, data cables, conduits
  • Plumbers: Steel and copper pipes, PVC pipes, PEX pipes, PEX-AL-PEX pipes
  • HVAC&R: Insulated pipes
  • Active Fire: Sprinkler pipes, fire cables

SuperSTOPPER® Circular Technical Manual


SuperSTOPPER Circular Test Reports


BIM Models


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