Trafalgar Fire has a variety of fire prevention systems approved and tested to AS1530.4:2014. These systems cover a wide range of services and fire rated barriers.

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Versatile Fire Protection Systems

A wide range of fire safety systems, engineered for diverse applications across commercial, industrial, and residential sectors.

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 Tested and compliant solutions and systems near you, with locations and teams spanning across Australia and New Zealand.

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Our in-house team of fire engineers, system specialists and  support teams are dedicated to providing you with tailored advice, solutions and training.

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Partner with us for a holistic fire safety strategy. From design to completion, we’re with you every step of the way.

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Enhance your fire safety knowledge with our wealth of free, easily accessible resources, including guides, datasheets, case studies, videos and educational materials.

Fire safety is a paramount concern for both new construction and existing buildings, making the selection of an expertly crafted fire protection system essential for safeguarding lives and property. Trafalgar Fire is a leader in this crucial industry, offering a comprehensive range of passive fire protection solutions designed to meet and exceed the rigorous standards set forth by the Australian National Construction Code (NCC).

Passive Fire Protection Systems

At Trafalgar Fire, we have a wide range of fire stopping systems available new builds and rectification projects. All of our systems have been extensively fire-tested at independent fire test laboratories ensuring strict compliance with the National Construction Code.

Solutions and Application

Fire Stopping and Penetration Protection

Duct Protection

Steel Protection and Upgrades

Access Panels

Modular and Pre-Fab Constrution

At Trafalgar Fire, we understand the diverse challenges that fire presents to the safety of buildings and their occupants. Our suite of passive fire protection solutions is designed to address these challenges comprehensively. Discover our key offerings:
  • Fire Stopping and Penetration Protection: Our cutting-edge solutions seal off walls, floors, and other barriers against fire penetrations, ensuring that breaches are fortified to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. From cables to pipes, our fire stopping systems safeguard critical points of vulnerability.
  • Duct Protection: We specialize in securing your ventilation systems against the dangers of fire. Our duct protection systems are engineered to maintain the integrity of ductwork, ensuring that your building’s airflow is uncompromised during a fire event.
  • Steel Protection and Upgrades: The structural integrity of steel components is vital in high temperatures. We provide advanced fireproofing treatments for steel frameworks, enhancing their resilience against fire and contributing to the overall stability of your structure.
  • Access Panels: Our fire-rated access panels are designed for seamless integration into fire-resistant walls and ceilings. They provide secure and convenient access to building systems without compromising on fire safety standards.
  • Modular and Pre-Fab Construction: Embrace the efficiency of modular and pre-fabricated construction without sacrificing safety. Our pre-engineered fire protection systems are incorporated into building modules from the outset, ensuring rapid assembly and inherent fire resistance.

Passive Fire App

Chose the correct passive fire protection system for your application the first time.

System Selector

A seamless, no-cost tool designed to streamline your search for compliant passive fire protection solutions. Available on web, Android, and iOS, it simplifies finding the right fire-stopping systems. Select your criteria, explore options, and access all necessary technical resources in one intuitive interface. Save time, ensure compliance, and enhance project planning with our comprehensive database—your partner in fire safety excellence. Download now and transform the way you approach fire protection.

Barrier Types

We supply a comprehensive range of passive fire protection systems and components that have been tested and certified for penetrations in all substrates comprising of different materials. Trafalgar Fire’s Barrier Selector makes it easy to choose the right fire protection for building penetrations, like where pipes and cables pass through walls, floors, and ceilings. Whether you’re looking for solutions for walls or other barriers, the tool helps you find options like Speedpanel for adaptable installations or Corex panels for robust protection. It provides all the necessary details to ensure your choice is safe and compliant with regulations.

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Trades and Sevices​

We support various trades and the installation of multiple services that make sure occupants of the buildings are safe and comfortable. Select your trade below. We offer an efficient, compliant solution for all your needs. Trafalgar Fire is proud to supply a comprehensive range of passive fire products and systems, including fire-rated sealants and mastics, fire rated mortar, fire collars, fire pillows, fire rated boards as well as our patented multi-service transit box range of FyreBOX products.

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Trafalgar Fire proudly supports local manufacturing, ensuring that all our products are made in Australia and comply with the stringent standards of the Australian National Construction Code (NCC). This local production commitment not only helps us control quality but also supports the Australian economy.

Tailored Fire Safety Engineering

Our engineering team is at the core of our operations, providing bespoke fire protection solutions tailored to the unique needs of each construction or renovation project. This approach ensures that all installations meet both regulatory standards and our clients’ specific requirements.

Educational Initiatives and Compliance Support

Understanding the importance of knowledge in fire safety, we offer regular educational sessions across Australia. These sessions aim to inform about passive fire protection and the latest updates to the NCC, ensuring proper installation and maintenance of fire safety systems.

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Comprehensive Product Offering

We provide a broad selection of passive fire protection solutions, from access panels and shaft walls to comprehensive ceiling systems and firestopping solutions. Each product is designed with compliance and safety in mind, suitable for various building types including residential, commercial, and industrial structures.

Dedicated to Quality and Service

As a privately owned company, Trafalgar Fire maintains complete control over every aspect of our operations, allowing us to swiftly adapt to the evolving needs of our customers. Our commitment to quality and customer service is unwavering, driven by a desire to protect lives and property.

Your Partner in Building Safety

Choose Trafalgar Fire for reliable and efficient fire protection solutions. Our expertise and dedication to compliance with Australian standards make us a leader in the field, committed to enhancing building safety across the nation.

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