Easy Passive Fire Stopping for
Speedpanel Walls

Speedpanel® is a clever panel wall system comprised of a lightweight core and a reinforcing steel shell that is very quick to install. AS1530.4 requires fire stopping penetration systems to be fire tested and/or assessed to determine the FRL of the specific penetration in different wall types.

The Trafalgar Fire systems have been tested and approved specifically for use in Speedpanel® wall systems, providing compliance under the National Construction Code (NCC).


We have a wide range of resources available for every product and system to ensure that you’re choosing the right fire stopping solution for your needs.

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FRL Tables, installation instructions, benefits, applications, and more are all available in our comprehensive manuals, for all systems and products.

Passive Fire Stopping Systems for
Speedpanel Walls

At Trafalgar Fire, we have a wide range of passive fire systems available for Speedpanel® Walls. All of our systems have been extensively fire tested at independent fire test laboratories ensuring strict compliance with the National Construction Code.

Use the Interactive Render below to find the best fire-stopping system for your Speedpanel® Walls applications!

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