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Trafalgar FyreCOLLAR Cast- In PEX

With the price of copper increasing, alternative pipe materials are becoming more and more common for plumbing systems. This presents an issue where new services are being introduced to the market with limited passive fire protection systems tested to maintain the FRL of the fire barriers that they penetrate through.

One such example is larger diameter (40, 50, and 63mm) Multi-Layer Pipes (or MLP) like PEX-AL-PEX which are becoming more common in plumbing installations.

Our fire testing of conventional intumescent-only fire collars has shown they aren’t able to close these larger diameters of PEX-Al-PEX pipe. Just like floor waste applications, Trafalgar has found that a mechanically assisted intumescent fire collar system is necessary. Due to the aluminium inter-layer which forms part of these multi-layer pipes, to maintain the insulation component of the FRL a short section of Trafalgar TWrap is necessary.

Trafalgar is proud to provide a compliant new cast-in mechanically assisted fire collar developed and fire tested specifically for PEX-Al-PEX pipe materials. FRL ratings of up to -/120/120 have been achieved for fire-rated concrete floor slabs.

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