Downlight Boxes (DLB)


The Trafalgar Downlight Box (DLB) offers unparalleled safety and compliance for your fire-rated ceilings. Crafted with precision and care in Australia, the DLB ensures your downlights, speakers, and other ceiling fixtures do not compromise the integrity of fire-rated ceilings. This factory-made enclosure, crafted from Maxilite Board, can be easily installed over any openings cut into the ceiling for downlights, speakers, and other fittings. Its primary function is to maintain the Fire Resistance Level (FRL) and Resistance to Incipient Spread (RISF), effectively preventing the spread of fire into the ceiling cavity.

Key Features:

  • Steel or timber framing
  • Meets the RISF criteria for ceilings
  • Testing to AS1530.4-2014
  • Approved for 2x & 3x layer ceilings
  • FRL’s up to -/120/120 with 60 min. RISF
  • Australian made quality
  • Tested with cable penetrations
  • Custom sizes available



  • Downlights
  • Light fittings/sockets
  • Speakers
  • Ceiling fixtures
  • 2 & 3x layer plasterboard ceilings
  • Timber or steel-framed ceilings


Contact the Trafalgar Fire team on 1800 888 714 or submit a quote request to receive a custom order form.

FyreDAMPER- Down Light Boxes (DLB) Technical Manual


Downlight Box Test Report


FyreDAMPER-DLB Customer Order Form


For more information, please contact our Technical Team at [email protected] or 1800 888 714.

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