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Trafalgar’s Australian Made FyreCOLLAR Cast-in range of fire collars provides a full range of solutions for use in both stack pipe and floor waste applications, with up to 4 hours across a huge range of common pipes types and sizes.  Specifically for stack and plumbing pipes, locally made, injection moulded and designed to be cast directly into concrete floor slabs for the provision of plastic pipe penetrations without the need to pre-install sections of pipework, decreasing the amount of time spent on site.

Trafalgar low top cast-in fire collars are suitable for all thickness slabs. These low-profile collars are cast in place with a section of pipe installed before the concrete is poured, for pipework to be connected to once set.

Stack Pipe Applications –  where the pipe runs continuously through the slab (drain, waste and vent, DWV).

Key Features

  • To suit pipes 40, 50, 65, 80 & 100mm
  • Plastic Pipes: PVC, HDPE, PP-R, PP, RAUPIANO
  • Insulated pair coil bundles
  • Stack and floor waste testing covers a wide range of pipes with fire elbows, S-bends and 4-way risers.
  • Polypropylene body material gives high moisture resistance and flexural strength
  • The high-grade intumescent formulation for fire performance
  • Rubber seal to stop water/debris
  • Plastic cap included for protection during installation
  • Flexible rubber membrane absorbs pipe movement and vibration


Cast In Collar Low Top Sizes Available:

  • 40mm Cast In fire collar
  • 50mm Cast In fire collar
  • 65mm Cast In fire collar
  • 80mm Cast In fire collar
  • 100mm Cast In fire collar

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