Fire Safety Upgrades

Trafalgar Fire has a range of fire-tested systems to AS1530.4:2014, developed especially for fire maintenance companies. These systems cover a wide range of common pipe, cable service types, and fire-rated barriers, to suit common applications for existing buildings. 

Passive Fire Protection Upgrades

Whatever problem you have encountered in existing buildings, Trafalgar Fire has the solution for you.
Our extensive product range provides solutions for various barrier types and services.

Technical Guide

Services Covered, Barriers Covered, FRL Tables, installation instructions, benefits, applications, and more are all available in our comprehensive guide. Click the button below to download it today.


We have a wide range of resources available for every product and system to ensure that you’re choosing the right fire stopping solution for your needs.

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We’re proud to be making active fire protection easier every single day. Our extensive range of resources have been written, developed, or sourced by Trafalgar Fire’s experienced team of active and passive fire professionals to help you better understand our systems, products, and the active fire industry as a whole.

Check out the latest installation and product videos, articles, and case studies for Active Fire Professionals.

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