FyreFLEX Fire Rated Sealant
FyreFLEX Sealant is the most fire tested penetration seals in the market with more than 30 fire tests. FyreFLEX Fire mastic is a water based, low VOC and environmentally friendly fire-resistant acrylic sealant which makes it perfect for fire stopping cable and metal pipe penetrations through fire rated barriers.
FyrePEX HP Intumescent Sealant
FyrePEX High-Performance Sealant is a graphite water-based intumescent mastic sealant that is used for fire stopping of service penetrations through fire-rated walls and floors to prevent the spread of fire for up to 2 hours.
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FyreFLEX Fire Rated Sealant
Trafalgar Fire’s range of fire rated sealants have been designed to stop the spread of fire through walls and floors when used with our other fire stopping systems.
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Fire Rated Sealants