Building Movement and Seismic Design in Fire Stopping

Building Movement and Seismic Design in Fire Stopping

Building Movement and Seismic Design in Fire Stopping

Building Movement and Seismic Design in Fire Stopping

Building movement and seismic events can cause traditional fire-stopping materials to dislodge themselves, or become otherwise damaged.
As such it is important to design fire-stopping systems with movement in mind to ensure they remain effective when they may be needed the most.

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Take a look at our research and testing for Fire Stopping in Building Movement and Earthquakes. 

Trafalgar FyreBOX Range for Seismic Design

The Trafalgar FyreBOX is a staple in building design for fire-rated mixed service penetrations, allowing room for Plumbing, electrical, Active Fire, and HVAC&R services all in one. The FyreBOX Range also has seismic testing approvals, to ensure building design can be done considering all aspects, not just fire in isolation.


Mixed services with FyreBOX

Maxi, ideal for medium to large

quantities of mixed services

including pair  coil, refrigeration

lines, cables, PVC drain lines, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Trafalgar Fire, we’re dedicated to making passive fire easier for you. To save you some time, we’ve answered a collection of Frequently Asked Questions about 3-4 Hour Penetration systems.

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TWRAP™ (or FyreWrap®) will need to be wrapped around the FyreBOX™ to achieve an insulation rating. Contact Trafalgar Fire for installation details and refer to our YouTube channel for installation videos.

Yes, refer to the FyrePEX HP Technical Manual for details on approved cables.

Yes, intumescent sealants require the perfect volume of sealant to expand and perform appropriately.
Using FyreSHEATH removes the need for larger openings.