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Understanding Different Fire Collars: Stack v/s Floor Waste Applications



Understand the difference between these applications, and be able to select, design, identify or certify the correct type of fire collar system for all different plastic pipe plumbing services that pass-through fire rated concrete floor slabs.

Fire-Rated Duct Wrap: A Guide to Choosing Products that Meet Australian Standards

When considering duct insulation for large buildings, think about: Duct Location and Building Scale: The placement and size of ducts in expansive structures require careful selection of insulation solutions. R-Value: The insulation’s R-value indicates its thermal resistance. Higher R-……

Curtain Wall Systems: Balancing Form, Function, and Fire Safety


While curtain wall systems offer numerous benefits, ensuring fire safety is paramount in their design and implementation. Given their extensive use of glass and metal materials, curtain wall systems must adhere to stringent fire protection standards to mitigate the risk of fire spread and structural failure.

The Imperative for Compliant Cladding in the Wake of Valencia

In the shadow of the Valencia tragedy, where a fire rapidly engulfed a high-rise due to flammable cladding, lies a stark reminder of the crucial importance of building safety. This incident not only reignites the debate over construction materials worldwide but also casts a spotlight on Australia’s vulnerability to similar catastrophes

Play Video about Trafalgar Bladerunner- retrofit floor waste collar

Unveiling the Varieties of Fire Protection Systems in Australia

In the realm of fire safety, Australia stands at the forefront, deploying an array of robust fire protection systems to safeguard lives and property. These systems are designed to detect, suppress, or control fires effectively…..