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FyreSHIELD™ Screw Fixed is a proudly Australian Made and Owned access panel system which has been designed and tested to be built into partition walls and riser shafts. With improved fire and acoustic performance, while maintaining the signature Trafalgar Fire quality, the FyreSHIELD Screw Fixed is the only access panel worth specifying and installing!

The FyreSHIELD™ Screw Fixed is at the forefront of fire-rated access panels at Trafalgar Fire and we are proud to be constantly improving and expanding the range of approvals. Innovative and patented advancements have made it possible to achieve simple and compliant fire ratings for concealed-hinge fire-rated access panels like never before. No cladding, no need for historical test data – just clever, screw fixed, as-tested design.

Manufactured in South Granville, using high-quality Australian sourced materials wherever possible, and most importantly fire tested to AS1530.4:2014, the FyreSHIELD™ Screw Fixed makes fire rated access simple and compliant.

Key Features

  • Fully fire tested in accordance with AS1530.4:2014
  • Two-way fire protection Fire tested in a range of common wall types and shafts
  • No calcium silicate blocks required
  • Australian made quality
  • Screw-Fixed


  • FRL’s  up to -/120/120
  • Hebel®
  • WALSC AAC Panel
  • Speedpanel®
  • Plasterboard
  • Shaftliner
  • Pronto Panel®
  • Concrete/Masonry

Custom sizes are available up to 740 x 740 mm.

FyreSHIELD™ Hinged and Screw Fixed for Walls Technical Manual


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FyreSHIELD Range BIM Models


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For more information, please contact our Technical Team at [email protected] or 1800 888 714.

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