Explore our range of innovative and market-leading multipurpose SuperSTOPPER boxes. Stop Fire, Smoke, Sound, Air, and Movement with the SuperSTOPPER Range. With extensive testing and an arsenal of resources, our SuperSTOPPER range has you covered.

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The #1 Multi-Service Penetration System

The #1 Multi-Service Penetration System

The SuperSTOPPER (FyreBOX) range offers comprehensive protection with fire, smoke, and acoustic ratings, along with air-tightness and seismic resistance.

Tested to AS1530.4-2014 for a range of mixed services, the SUperSTOPPER Range is one of the most fire tested products in the world with industry-leading FRLs of up to -/240/240 (system specific).

Key features:

  • Allows multiple and mixed services to pass through one opening
  • Save costs on both labor and time
  • Reduced separation between service penetrations
  • Provides a fire, smoke, acoustic and airtight hole to fit your services through.
  • Thoroughly tested to AS1530.4-2014
  • Fire tested in independent laboratories
  • Additional services can be installed throughout the life of the building
  • Training and support provided

How does it work?

How does it work?

All our systems in the SuperSTOPPER (FyreBOX) Range work in a similar fashion.

Once a fire is present, the intumescent foam and strips react to the heat of the fire and expand to fill up the hole created by the SuperSTOPPER. 

Thoroughly tested to AS1530.4-2014, the SuperSTOPPER ranges provide a fire, smoke and acoustic rated hole in which you can place multiple services, all protected in one opening!

For full specifications and technical details, please refer to our technical manuals in the download sections of each product webpage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Trafalgar Fire, we’re dedicated to making passive fire easier for you. To save you some time, we’ve answered a collection of Frequently Asked Questions about Cavity Barriers applications.

If you have any additional questions, our Technical Team is here to help.

TWRAP™ (or FyreWrap®) will need to be wrapped around the FyreBOX™ to achieve an insulation rating. Contact Trafalgar Fire for installation details and refer to our YouTube channel for installation videos.

Yes, refer to the FyrePEX HP Technical Manual for details on approved cables.

Yes, intumescent sealants require the perfect volume of sealant to expand and perform appropriately.
Using FyreSHEATH removes the need for larger openings.