Trafalgar FyreCOLLAR Premium Retrofits are our range of multi-service retrofit collars, designed to provide maximum protection against the spread of fire through walls and floors that are penetrated by plastic conduits, plastic pipes or air-conditioning service bundles.
FyreCOLLAR Mixed Services
Trafalgar Fire are proud to present our newly developed Mixed Service Collar approvals for HVAC&R penetrations. Treat multiple sets of pair coil and their cables, insulated pipes and drain lines through one penetration.
FyreCOLLAR Floor Waste is an injection moulded fire collar with a unique steel blade design developed specifically to be cast into concrete floor slabs underneath drains and grates (i.e floor waste) for the provision of plastic pipe penetrations through fire-rated concrete slabs.
FyreCOLLAR Conduit
Trafalgar FyreCOLLAR Conduits are designed to provide maximum protection against the spread of fire through walls and floors that are penetrated by plastic conduits, plastic pipes. FyreCOLLAR Collars are simple to install, simply retro-fit around the service and fix to the wall or floor.
FyreCOLLAR Cast-In
FyreCOLLAR High Cast Collar is a locally made injection moulded fire collar designed to be cast directly into concrete floor slabs for the provision of plastic pipe penetrations without the need to pre-install sections of pipework, decreasing the amount of time spent on site.
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FyreCHOKE Mixed Services Collar
Treat multiple sets of pair coil and their cables, insulated pipes and drain lines through one penetration with FyreCHOKE Mixed Services Collars.
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Fire Collar Systems

Trafalgar Fire Collars

Trafalgar fire collars are manufactured using our high-performance graphite based intumescent technology. These fire collars are designed to maintain the fire resistance of fire-rated building elements through which plastic pipes, combustible insulation, cables or fibre optic services pass.

Fire collars are suitable for installation in the various types of floors, walls, riser shafts and ceilings in which they have been fire tested.

In the event of a fire, the plastic pipe will start to deform. In the case of uPVC pipes, this occurs at a temperature of approximately 70°C. Once the pipe starts to deform, the intumescent material in the Trafalgar fire collar expands, closing off the plastic pipe or combustible insulation, and thus forming an insulating char to keep the opening closed, resisting the passage of flames and hot gases for the duration of the fire rating of FRL.

Trafalgar has fire tested many different variations of fire collars, including cast-in-situ collars for incorporation into concrete floor slabs prior to concrete being formed, and a range of retrofit solutions for incorporation after the pipes or relevant combustible services are in place. Fire testing exists for many different walls, shafts, ceilings and concrete floor slabs, with different pipe types, conduits, pex, pex-al-pex and an assortment of multiple services.

Trafalgar’s Australian Made FyreCOLLAR Cast-in range of fire collars offers a variety of solutions that can be used in many different stack pipe and floor waste applications. These Cast-In fire collars last up to 4 hours across a massive array of typically used pipe sizes, variations, and types. These fire collars are specifically designed for stack and plumbing pipes, are made in Australia, are injection moulded, and can be simply cast straight into a concrete floor slab. This means that time, money, and effort are saved as there is no need to pre-install any pipework. Cast in fire collars for both stack and floor waste applications also come in both a high and low top option, to suit all slab thicknesses. Approved for all common pipe materials such as PVC, HDPE, Raupiano and dBlue.

For Retrofit fire collars, the Trafalgar FyreCOLLAR Premium Retrofit range of fire collars is designed to provide maximum protection against the threat of fire spreading through floors and walls that are penetrated by pipes and conduits constructed from plastic. Our premium fire collars feature tough hinges to make retrofit passive fire protection quick and straightforward. The installation process is very simple. Simply use the hinge system to fit the fire collar around the service which is penetrating through the wall or floor and then properly fix the fire collar to the wall or floor.

All of Trafalgar Fire’s fire collars have been tested and approved in accordance with the NCC section C3.15. The NCC clause C3.15 also allows for the registered testing authorities to write reports based on the AS1530.4 fire testing data that allow for small variations in accordance with AS4072.1. This has strict requirements for how much baseline data is needed before any variations can be written against plastic pipes. This method of compliance, along with the wide range of testing completed for the whole fire collar range, means the Trafalgar fire collar systems are approved for all common service types, in all sizes.

Please check the technical manuals for approved fire barriers, service types and fire ratings, which are available on the product page for each collar variety. Alternatively, please contact us at ‘[email protected]’ where a member of the technical team will be able to assist with selecting the correct fire collar for your application.