Trafalgar Fire Penetration Seal Sticker

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Correct labelling for service penetration systems is paramount to ensuring correct documentation of the passive fire systems used on a building site both for handover, as well as future annual inspections to AS1851. Trafalgar Fire now supplies a roll of Penetration Seal Stickers that can be used for this purpose, following the templates that are recommended in the appendix of AS4072.1.


Each sticker provides the installer with fields to complete:

  • Installer company name
  • Contact details
  • Date of Passive fire system installation
  • Fire Resistance Level (FRL)
  • Penetration register reference #
  • Manufacturer of the Passive Fire materials


One roll contains 1000 stickers, with a footprint of 150mm x 100mm in size.


PLEASE NOTE:  The use of a Trafalgar Fire Penetration Seal Sticker is for documentation purposes only and does not provide any certification against the NCC requirements. For compliance with the penetration system to be achieved, the installer must first check the product/system’s AS1530.4 & AS4072.1 fire testing reports for suitability and install the passive fire materials in line with the fire testing approvals, along with any state-based licensing requirements.

For more information, please contact our Technical Team at [email protected] or 1800 888 714.