Trafalgar Fire has a variety of fire prevention systems approved and tested to AS1530.4:2014. These systems cover a wide range of common pipe , cable service types and fire rated barriers, to suit common applications on all sites.

Specification of Passive Fire Systems

Architects, fire consultants and other building design practitioners are now required to include passive fire protection systems on the building plans during the design stage, often before the construction certificates can be issued. Trafalgar have developed a suite of systems developed specifically to help this process for new buildings, and to help navigate (and simplify) the process of building design we have put together a comprehensive ‘how to’ guide for passive fire specification.

Specifications Guide

This Specifications guide contains everything you need to know to help you effectively design and document the passive fire protection of service penetrations on your project.

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Passive Fire Stopping Systems For Architects, Designers & Building Practitioners

At Trafalgar Fire, we have a wide range of passive fire systems available for Architects, Building & Design Practitioners. All of our systems have been extensively fire-tested at independent fire test laboratories ensuring strict compliance with the National Construction Code. Use the Interactive Render below to find the best fire-stopping system for your next project!

Passive Fire Specification


Fire Protection foeConcrete Floor Slab- passive fire

Trafalgar has passive fire

solutions for Concrete, CLT,

Steel Deck and Lightweight

Floor Systems.


Fire Walls and Ceilings


Firewalls and Ceilings

using Trafalgar COREX.


Structural Steel Protection 

Steel protection using

Trafalgar Corex Boards

and FyreSPRAY



Service Penetrations

plasterboard fire protection

We have a wide range of

passive fire systems

available for protecting

services through a range of

different wall, ceiling and

floor types.



Duct Protection

Protect your projects ducts

using FyreWrap or



Access PanelsFyreSHIELD

Trafalgar offers a wide range

of fire and non-fire rated

access panels, which can be

custom made to suit your



Cavity Barriers

Trafalgar Fire and Siderise

are proud to bring to the

Australian market a

comprehensive range of fire

tested fire stopping systems

for Curtain Walls and

Rainscreen Cladding.


Control JointsFour tubes of FyreFLEX Fire-Resistant Sealant

FyreFLEX fire rated sealant

is one of the most fire tested

sealants in Australia with

over 30 years of R&D and

fire testing for control joint

and service penetration


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We’re proud to be making active fire protection easier every single day. Our extensive range of resources have been written, developed, or sourced by Trafalgar Fire’s experienced team of passive fire professionals to help you better understand our systems, products, and the active fire industry as a whole.

Check out the latest installation and product videos, articles, and case studies for Architects, Building & Design Practitioners.

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