FyreSPRAY for Concrete Upgrades-MONOKOTE®

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MONOKOTE®, fire spray, is the leading passive fire protection solution for concrete upgrades.


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Monokote® fire spray benefits include::

  • Vermiculite-FREE fire spray
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Fire Tested
  • Cost-effective construction
  • High yield
  • Proven in-place performance
  • Approved and fully trained installer network



Specifically designed for fire protection for concrete upgrades. Particularly suitable for use on:

  • Internal concrete fire upgrades
  • Semi-exposed concrete fire upgrades
  • External concrete fire upgrades
  • Concrete upgrades in harsh environments
  • Ideal for refurbishment work


Other Applications:

MONOKOTE®, fire spray  can also be used for:

For more information, please contact our Technical Team at [email protected] or 1800 888 714.