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Trafalgar’s BladeRUNNER Retrofit Floor Waste & Drain Fire Collar

Ideal for Space-Constrained Applications, its compact design makes it a functional choice for narrow or restricted areas. Whether you’re dealing with limited clearance around pipe penetrations or if the pipe elbow is too close to the slab, the BladeRUNNER provides an effective fire safety solution without the need for space alterations and board construction.

An innovative solution for anyone looking to improve the fire safety of their building without breaking the bank. The BladeRUNNER is a slimline fire collar that can be easily installed around existing floor waste or drain/waste/vent pipe penetrations, providing a cost-effective alternative to expensive fire board enclosures or bulky retrofit collars.

One of the common issues with fire safety in buildings is that fire collars around floor waste penetrations are often either incorrect or not installed at all. This can be a significant safety hazard in the event of a fire, as flames and smoke can easily travel through these penetrations and spread throughout the building. The BladeRUNNER is designed to address this issue by providing a simple and effective solution that can be easily installed by any building owner or manager.

The BladeRUNNER incorporates a spring-loaded mechanism loaded with intumescent that can be applied underneath the slab to rectify the incorrect casted-in collar. The intumescent material expands when exposed to high temperatures, creating a seal around the penetration that helps prevent the spread of fire and smoke. This ensures that the building remains safe in the event of a fire and reduces the risk of damage to property and loss of life.

The slimline design is also perfect for drain/waste/vent applications (AKA stack pipes) where there is no room for a traditional bulky retro-fit fire collar.

The BladeRUNNER is a great option for those who are looking to upgrade their existing fire safety measures. By retrofitting the BladeRUNNER around plastic pipe penetrations, building owners and managers can ensure that their buildings meet the latest fire safety standards and regulations. This can be especially important for those who are looking to sell or lease their properties, as potential buyers or tenants may require proof of compliance with fire safety standards.

In addition to being a cost-effective and practical solution, the BladeRUNNER is also easy to install. Unlike other retrofit collars that can be bulky and difficult to install, the BladeRUNNER is slimline and can be easily fitted around existing floor waste pipe penetrations. This means that building owners and managers can install the BladeRUNNER themselves without the need for specialist equipment or expertise.

Overall, the BladeRUNNER retrofit floor waste fire collar is an excellent option for anyone looking to improve the fire safety of their building. Its innovative design, cost-effectiveness, and ease of installation make it a great choice for building owners and managers who want to ensure that their properties are safe and compliant with fire safety regulations. If you are looking to upgrade your existing fire safety measures or need to install new fire collars around floor waste or other pipe penetrations, the BladeRUNNER is worth considering.


Key Features of Trafalagars Retrofit Floor Waste Fire Collar:

  • Slimline design
  • Innovative spring-loaded mechanism
  • Australian made
  • Easily installed over existing cast-in fire collars
  • Tested for PVC pipes
  • Fire tested to AS1530.4:2014
  • Simple install



Retrofit Floor Waste and Stack Fire Collar – Fire tested to AS1530.4, The Trafalgar BladeRUNNER retrofit Floor Waste fire collars are tested for PVC pipe materials connected to P-traps or elbows directly underneath the slab for the following:
  • Retrofit floor waste applications
  • Retrofit drain/waste/vent applications
  • 40-100mm PVC pipes
  • Upgrade incorrect cast-in collars
  • Upgrade floor wastes that don’t have cast-in collars
  • Testing is ongoing

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