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Tested and Supported
Passive Fire Protection Systems

Trafalgar Fire is the leading manufacturer of tested and supported passive fire protection systems. We proudly manufacture a large proportion of our products here in Australia and we proudly remain 100% privately owned. With a talented team of engineers on staff, we’re happy to work with our customers to help them meet Australian NCC requirements.

We take pride in bringing new and innovative products and systems to both the Australian and New Zealand market. Following on from some early innovation for the first fire rated acrylic intumescent sealant, mortar, pillow and fire collars in the 1980s, Trafalgar Fire is proud to have delivered several award winning and patented systems to the market in the last decade including FyreWRAP duct protection systems, FyreBOARD Maxilite, FyreSHIELD fire rated access panels and our revolutionary range of patented FyreBOX systems.

We believe safety should never be taken for granted and all of our systems are extensively fire tested at independent fire test laboratories ensuring strict compliance with the National Construction Code.

Our team of experienced and skilled professionals, inbuilt quality checks, and rigid quality control measures ensure complete peace of mind for our clients. Our flexible approach has enabled us to offer passive fire protection solutions for new projects as well as existing structures.

So when you think passive fire, think    our proud family of products and systems help build faster, more cost effectively and most importantly safer. The ranges:

If you are looking for a reliable partner to protect your assets and prevent collateral damage to life and property, we are the number one choice in Australia & New Zealand.

Trust Trafalgar. 

Why Choose Us?

  • Extensive range of passive fire protection products and systems
  • High quality products
  • Affordable price
  • Excellent fire rating 

Contact us today for top-notch passive fire protection systems and products in Australia!

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Proudly Australian Owned


Trafalgar Fire offers a wide range of passive fire products for service penetrations, ducts, joints and cable protection,  including the ‘Fyre’ range: FyreWrap Range, FyreBOX ( FireBOX ), FyreBOARD, FyreFLEX, FyrePEX HP, FyreSET, FyreBATT, FyreSAFE, FyrePLUG, FyreHAT, FyreSLEEVE and FyreCHOKE.

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