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Trafalgar is a wholly Australian-owned manufacturer and distributor of passive fire protection products and systems in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Melbourne, Brisbane, and throughout Australia. The company has a long-standing reputation for creating high quality specialist building products and through continuous research and innovation has become a market leader in the fire containment industry.

Trafalgar offer a comprehensive range of fire containment products which includes; FyreFlex (Fireflex) Fire Rated Sealant, FyreSet Mortar, FyrePlug Fire Rated Pillows, Maxilite Fire Rated Board, FyreChoke Fire Collars, FyreWrap Duct Wrap, Wombat Intumescent Fire Dampers, Fire Rated Access Panels, Fire Door Hardware, and Fyrebox, a fire stopping solution which eliminates the need to separate services.

Our clients trust us to provide the right systems and products to meet their commercial and technical requirements. We work closely with developers, engineers, architects, builders, contractors, specifiers and installers to enhance the safety of the built environment. Established in 1945, we have a long history of providing high quality, reliable and durable engineered products.

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Featured Product

The Firebox Revolution Continues

Trafalgar proud to announce some major improvements to the approved details for the Australian made FYREBOX SLAB-MOUNTED system.

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Trafalgar offers a wide range of passive fire products for service penetrations, ducts, joints and cable protection,  including the ‘Fyre’ range: Fyrewrap, Fyrebox ( Firebox ), Fyreflex ( Fireflex ), Fyrepex, Fyreset, Fyresafe, Fyreplug and Fyrechoke.

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