The history of Fire Collars

Did you know Australia was the first country to commercialise the use of plastic pipes in commercial and high rise residential buildings?

Fire collars have become popular the world over and they incorporate intumescent materials that swell up when the heat of the fire softens the plastic pipes and close off the opening to stop fire and hot smoke passing through fire barriers.
Fire collars have evolved from the early days where sodium silicate materials were the only available intumescent materials. Today high performance graphite materials are used which have much faster activation in fires, are not effected by water and the elements, and can last as long as the building and still provide the necessary fire resistance
Fire collars come in many different variations to suit both new build and as importantly upgrading of existing buildings where passive fire protection has been forgotten by the builder of plumber.
Trafalgar Fire is a leader in fire collars and has been innovating for decades with passive fire protection system development with Australian leading systems like FyreBOX, FyrePEX, and our extensive FyreCOLLAR full and extensive range of fire collars
Trafalgar offer cast in situ of cast-in fire collars which are fixed to the formwork before a concrete slab is formed, negating the need for post construction core collar drilling.  We offer both stack fire collars for where the plastic pipes continue up through the floor slab for toilets, vanities and the like; along with our patented floor waste fire collars.
For wall, shaft and ceiling applications along we offer retrofit system which can be installed after the plastic pipes are installed.
Trafalgar premium retrofit fire collar is becoming a favourite with its integral hinge and easy to close clasp
The conduit fire collars are perfect for electricians and are a two price stainless steel fire collar available in 25mm, 32mm and 40mm sizes.
Last but certainly not least is the Trafalgar mixed services or multi services fire collar which is fire tested for HVAC&R pair coil bundles, insulated copper and steel pipes and some electrical cable configurations.
When you think of fire collars, you can Trust and find all the fire tested systems you need at Trafalgar Fire. Our trademark ORANGE coloured fire collars make for visible and trusted compliance with the certification fraternity