BAL-FZ Bushfire Construction BoardeX – Case Study

Take a look at how the Trafalgar FyreROOF system was used in a recent Residential Building at Whale Beach to meet strict BAL-FZ requirements.

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Project Description

The project, undertaken by NL Celtic Construction, was a residential build located in the bushfire-prone area of Whale Beach, NSW. Tasked with meeting BAL-FZ requirements, the construction needed materials that ensured safety, compliance, and durability, amidst the environmental and regulatory challenges of such high-risk areas.

BAL-FZ Bushfire Construction


  • Compliance Complexity: Navigating the maze of compliance with AS 3959-2018 standards for BAL-FZ construction required materials that not only offered fire resistance but were also environmentally and health-conscious.

  • Material Workability: Typical bushfire-resistant materials are known for their heaviness and difficulty in installation, presenting a significant challenge for a team new to bushfire construction.

  • Chemical Hazards: Commonly used materials in the sector pose health risks due to chemical content, necessitating a safer alternative.

  • Unexpected Humidity: The construction period coincided with record high humidity levels in NSW, elevating the risk of accelerated mould growth within the building structure.



Selected for its rigidity, vapour permeability, and ease of use, the 12.5mm thick board with orange fibre matt face was pivotal in meeting fire resistance and moisture management needs.


Complementing BoardeX, this foil-faced insulation board enhanced the thermal performance of the structure, crucial for energy efficiency.


A polyurethane sealant, ensuring all joints and seams were effectively sealed against moisture ingress.


Thermal wool blanket insulation added another layer of thermal resistance, fortifying the building against both fire and cold.


Exceptional Fire Resistance

Weather Resistance

Ease of Installation (no power tools needed)

Mould Resistance

Thermal Insulation and Energy Efficiency

Trafalgar Support

By centering on the technical attributes and performance of the FyreROOF system, particularly BoardeX, this case study aims to offer a comprehensive understanding of its advantages in addressing the multifaceted challenges of bushfire-prone construction. The Whale Beach project illustrates the system’s capability to meet stringent standards, promote ease of installation, and ensure environmental and health safety, making it a compelling choice for consultants and builders alike.


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