Control Fire Protection- BladeRUNNER- Floor Waste Fire Collar | Case Study

Take a look at how the team from Control Fire Protection used the BladeRUNNER: Retrofit Floor Waste Fire Collar to rectify incompliant floor waste pipes while improving project speed, reducing expenses, ensuring compliance, and most importantly, keeping occupants of the building safe and minimising disturbance!

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Tasked by the strata body, Control Fire Protections project encompassed a comprehensive inspection and audit of a residential high-rise constructed in the 1990s in Pyrmont, Sydney. An exhaustive audit encompassing over 200 apartments uncovered a safety hazard – non-compliant PVC stack and floor waste pipe penetrations traversing through concrete slabs within the building’s carpark. Traditional cast-in collars are inadequate against testing standards, leaving vital services unprotected. The impending danger to residents’ safety prompted an immediate and efficient response. When outdated infrastructure threatens public safety, it takes courageous innovation to rectify hazards. This was the motivation behind Control Fire Protection’s adoption of Trafalgar Fire’s BladeRUNNER – an ingenious spring-loaded retrofit fire collar that swiftly resolves non-compliant pipe penetrations.

Traditional Approaches vs. BladeRUNNER

Traditionally, rectifying non-compliant floor waste collars involved labour-intensive methods. These approaches called for fire-rated boards, collars, sealants, other system components, and skilled workmanship. The process was not only time-consuming and expensive but also aesthetically unsatisfactory, due to its bulkiness and space inefficiencies. Installation complexities allow for the possibility of human error – an unacceptable risk, with lives at stake.

The BladeRUNNER, in contrast, represents a revolutionary departure from the conventional norms. The outdated methods of using heavy fire rated boards, time-consuming installations were replaced with the BladeRUNNER’s streamlined, under-2-minute installation process. The BladeRUNNER is a slimline, cost-effective, and easy-to-install fire collar that meets fire rating levels for PVC floor waste pipes. It is a better alternative to bulky and expensive fire board enclosures and retrofit collars for non-compliant floor waste services and cast-in collars.

Benefits of the BladeRUNNER:

  • Streamlined Installation
  • Industry Leading Fire Rating
  • Economical Solution
  • Space Optimisation
  • Aesthetics Preserved
  • Stringent Adherence to Codes


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