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Here you can find all products that are required by Electricians for your Passive Fire Protection needs. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Head to the FyreSTOP Category to browse our complete collection of products!

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The Blame Game and So Called Non-Conforming Building Products

Sadly, when it comes to the construction industry; all I see is blame; there is too much friction and things are not working.
Just like the cladding and fires, waterproofing and our cracking buildings for example where things aren’t quite right, I think passive fire protection is one area that could use some leadership and a shift in paradigm.

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Trafalgar COREX- Fire Safety Upgrades in Active Work Environments

In today’s fast-paced world, time is money, and safety is non-negotiable. This project showcases the implementation of fire safety upgrades in a key retail establishment. Trafalgar COREX boards were installed without affecting the retailer’s ongoing operations, demonstrating the product’s adaptability to active business environments.

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Fire Protection For Cables: Fire resistance & fireproofing; same or different?

In Australia, we have the NCC/BCA which outline the technical design provisions for a compliant building.

Some of us know AS3000, the primary design standard used for NCC/BCA compliance; this is our wiring rules for electrical installations. We all respect those electrical contractors who are trained to design and install our cabling and deal with the hazards of live electricity.

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Passiv and Passive – who would have thought?

The NCC/ BCA tend to deal with compartment barriers separately; that is, we have fire walls with an FRL and Smoke Walls with poorly defined and qualitative requirements. We do not really have a fire and smoke wall, ceiling….

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