Trafalgar COREX- Fire Safety Upgrades in Active Work Environments

In today’s fast-paced world, time is money, and safety is non-negotiable. This project showcases the implementation of fire safety upgrades in a key retail establishment, operating within a bustling Sydney suburb, where it’s crucial to keep the wheels turning while stepping up fire safety measures.

Stock placement and retail activities complicated access to critical structural steel members requiring fire protection. The objective was to upgrade the fire safety standards of structural steel components within the support areas of the store. These areas are hubs of activity, vital for the handling of inventory and essential to the efficiency of the storefront. Any solution had to ensure that these lifelines of the operation—stock rooms, loading areas, and access pathways—remained fully functional.

Trafalgar COREX boards deliver on both counts, offering a fireproofing solution that’s quick to install and doesn’t skip a beat on safety.

Trafalgar COREX Advantage:

  • Uncompromised Operations: Trafalgar COREX boards were installed without affecting the retailer’s ongoing operations, demonstrating the product’s adaptability to active business environments.

  • Simplified, Efficient Installation: score-and-snap to size with a knife, no specialist tools or machinery required, allowing for quick adjustments on-site without the need for extensive downtime or complex tools.

  • Quick-Staple Fix Method: The staple fix method enhances the speed and ease of installation, further supported by Trafalgar’s instructional resources and training.

  • Superior Fire and Steel Protection: The board’s compliance with AS1530.4:2014 and AS4100:2020, and a high Structural Steel Protection up to 385m-1, ensure top-tier fire resistance and steel protection.

  • Health and Safety: Silicosis-free and easy to cut, Trafalgar COREX ensures a safer installation process, minimising health risks to installers and retail staff, considering ventilation challenges in these areas of retail operations.

  • Sustainability Credentials: With GreenGuard Gold Certification, Trafalgar COREX meets stringent chemical emissions standards, making it an eco-conscious choice for fireproofing.


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