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What is Surface Flame Spread Mitigation?

Insurance companies have learnt from large fires involving rapid fire spread across the surface of large runs of PVC sheathed cables. The PVC sheathing when burning sees molten droplets falling and can quickly involve multiple cables runs causing huge damage.

To mitigate this risk, insurers often require cables to be protected so that flame spread is minimised.

Historically, a labour intensive & very difficult to spray cable thick cable mastic has applied as cable coating and has been the only option.

Enter Pyro-Safe thin wrap, a revolutionary, fast, clean and easy alternative to protect cables against rapid surface fire spread. The first wrap material in the world to carry the coveted FM 3971 Approval for this application. 

Pyro-Safe Thin Wrap: Revolutionary!

Pyro-Safe Thin Wrap:

PyroSAFE cable fireproofing systems are manufactured in Germany and are wrapped around cables or cable tray carrying cables and offer the most practical and cost-effective means of mitigating surface fire spread across PVC sheathed cables.

This requirement is mostly driven by the insurance industry in manufacturing, mining and other industrial facilities.

The PyroSAFE thin wrap is less than 1mm thick making it easy to work with and is a very flexible and tear-resistant glass filament fabric composite material with high performance intumescent coating which is on one side of the wrap only. This intumescent react quickly to the heat of a fire and swells up inside the wrapped cables to protect them against flame spread.

The installation of PyroSAFE thin wrap is very simple using a steel band and patented clip which allows for the wrap to easily be opened and reclosed for adds, moves and changes to cables.

One of the biggest advantages is the cables do not require cleaning prior to the application of the wrap system and allows for adds, moves and changes. PyroSAFE thin wrap is the first product of its type to be FM approved under Coatings and Wraps For Grouped Electrical Cables (Class Number 3971, 2019).

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TWRAP™ (or FyreWrap®) will need to be wrapped around the FyreBOX™ to achieve an insulation rating. Contact Trafalgar Fire for installation details and refer to our YouTube channel for installation videos.

Yes, refer to the FyrePEX HP Technical Manual for details on approved cables.

Yes, intumescent sealants require the perfect volume of sealant to expand and perform appropriately.
Using FyreSHEATH removes the need for larger openings.