Easy Passive Fire Stopping for
Cross Laminated Timber Walls

Timber walls have undergone a modern renaissance in the construction industry in a new form of thick cross-laminated timber beams called CLT or mass timber. These sustainably sourced materials are being used in the Australian building industry due to their environmental sustainability, acoustic and fire-resistant properties. This page lists the tested passive fire penetration systems currently available to maintain the fire resistance level (FRL) of service penetrations through these timber wall systems. 


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Passive Fire Stopping Systems for
Cross Laminated Timber Walls

We can currently offer cavity barrier solutions for use at the slab edge with timber constructions as shown below, to comply with C1.13 of the NCC. We also have a range of fire stopping solutions for service penetrations through timber walls, this currently only applies to certain brands of CLT construction, however there is always more testing being done at Trafalgar– contact the technical team for assistance with fire engineering and site specific fire testing requirements ([email protected]).

Use the Interactive Render below to find the best fire-stopping system for your timber wall applications!


FyreCOLLAR Premium Retrofit logo

FyreCOLLAR Premium Retrofit are

designed to provide maximum protection

against the spread of fire through

walls and floors that are penetrated

by plastic conduits, plastic pipes or

air-conditioning service bundles.


FyreBATT logo

Consisting of a high-density fibrous

lamella core, sealed on both sides

with a flexible fire rated ablative

coating, FyreBATT’s offer a high fire

protection, along with an effective

smoke and acoustic seal.


an intumescent lined,

retro-fit multi-service penetration

system designed to prevent the spread of

fire through small or large service

penetrations, in the smallest footprint



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