Retrofit Compliance with FyreSHEATH | Case Study

FyreSHEATH with intumescent sealant and yellow pipe

Rectification of fire stopping defects can be complicated once the walls and ceilings have been erected, especially if the space is already tenanted.

Easy to install in tight spaces with limited access, the FyrePEX HP with FyreSHEATH system was recommended by a fire consultant to achieve the required FRL as it removed the need to reestablish penetration hole sizes
where they were not compliant.

The Challenge

  • Passive Fire Audit identified non-compliant fire stopping of service penetrations in several fire rated walls and ceilings of an existing high rise
    residential building
  • Thin Plasterboard Fire stopping was required for PEX pipes in a single Layer 13mm plasterboard barriers to achieve an FRL of -/60/60 FRL
  • Occupied Property A non-invasive solution was required as the building was already occupied
  • Limited access Access to the service penetrations was restricted, and therefore traditional methods of thickening the barrier locally on both sides was a cumbersome, undesirable option.

The Delivery

  • Fire consultant recommended the use of the FyrePEX HP with FyreSHEATH system.
  • The system consists of a two-piece metal shell (FyreSHEATH), stainless steel cable ties and FyrePEX HP intumescent sealant.
  • The FyrePEX HP and FyreSHEATH system simply fits around the existing penetrations, eliminating the need to reestablish compliant hole sizes around the PEX pipes, simplifiying the rectification.
  • The FyreSHEATH was easily installed and filled with FyrePEX HP sealant, with minimal mess and disruption to the tenants.
  • The FyrePEX HP filled FyreSHEATH provided the certifier visible evidence of depth fill, making certification simple.


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