Kids Building Competition


To celebrate the launch of our new Trafalgar Access website and to recognise that lots of our kids are staying home more than usual or in lockdown, we thought it was time to give the kids of the household a building challenge. 

We reached out to Charlotte, our littlest intern, and asked her to help us design a building challenge, then road test the competition and give us the kids perspective to make sure it was possible and fun. 

The Challenge

Build a structure or fort with anything you can find around the house. 

Bonus points for:

  • safety considerations

  • including an Access Panel (for more about Access Panels click around our brand new website by using the menus above)

Take photos of you and your structure, don’t forget a photo of your Access Panel, and upload them with the form below. Most importantly have fun!

Charlotte, Trafalgar’s Littlest Intern, with her building in her backyard using a ladder, tarp, cardboard and crates. She made it safe by tying with rope.

Charlotte, Trafalgar’s Littlest Intern ,showing her Access Panel in the wall of her structure made of cardboard.

The Prize

Lego Architecture: Trafalgar Square

The Entry Form

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