Cable Protection:
Circuit Integrity (Fire Resistance)

Explore our range of innovative and market-leading cable protection solutions for maintaining circuit integrity during a fire.

FyreWrap® Cable Insulation

FyreWrap® Cable Insulation

Unifrax’s FyreWrap® Cable Insulation is a thin, flexible, insulation wrap designed to provide a fire-protective enclosure around cable trays and conduit. The FyreWrap system ensures: electrical circuit integrity during exposure to an external hydrocarbon fire, permitting continued operation or controlled shutdown of critical equipment during emergency conditions.

This system is FM Global Approved and meets AST E-1724 “Fire Tests of Fire-Resistive Barrier Systems for Electrical System Components,” the newest industry-standard, requiring the highest level of performance for trays with zero to full cable loading. The system also meets ASTM E-1529 and provides circuit integrity ratings.

FyreWrap complies with many industry specifications on fireproofing for petroleum and petrochemical processing plants.

Why maintain circuit integrity in a fire?

Many cables must continue to operate critical services during a fire. This means they must maintain their circuit integrity and continue to function when exposed to the heat of a fire.

Fire rated cables are typically used in this application.

For hydrocarbon fires, a fire rated cable is not sufficient to maintain circuit integrity and Trafalgar offer a hydrocarbon FyreWRAP cable fireproofing system for these serious fire events.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Trafalgar Fire, we’re dedicated to making passive fire easier for you. To save you some time, we’ve answered a collection of Frequently Asked Questions about Cavity Barriers applications.

If you have any additional questions, our Technical Team is here to help.

TWRAP™ (or FyreWrap®) will need to be wrapped around the FyreBOX™ to achieve an insulation rating. Contact Trafalgar Fire for installation details and refer to our YouTube channel for installation videos.

Yes, refer to the FyrePEX HP Technical Manual for details on approved cables.

Yes, intumescent sealants require the perfect volume of sealant to expand and perform appropriately.
Using FyreSHEATH removes the need for larger openings.