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Siderise® Open State Cassette Inserts (OSCI) are designed for use in cassette panel cladding systems.

OSCI can be used horizontally or vertically as part of a cladding system. They are applied directly to the internal surface of the cassette panel to simplify the detailing and installation of adjacent cavity barriers and/or to ensure that the ventilation air gap is dimensioned within permissible limits.

Key Features:

  • Can be used in combination with either RH25 or RH50 (horizontal), or RV (vertical) cavity barriers
  • Range of thicknesses and widths to accommodate a wide array of Cassette Panel Cladding Systems
  • OSCI are positioned parallel and aligned centrally to Siderise® ‘RH’ or ‘RV’ Cavity Barriers, taking into account the specification of the cladding system assembly.

Typically, this requires consideration of the specification and configuration of the cladding panels, the positioning of the support rails or similar steelwork, and/or hook-on or bracket arrangements for panel support.

For more information, please contact our Technical Team at [email protected] or 1800 888 714.

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