FyreSHIELD Plus | Case Study

Open FyreSHIELD PLUS access panel installed into wall

Fire rated access panels have remained relatively unchanged since the 1990’s – until now. With changes to the NCC requiring all test or assessment reports to be to AS1530.4:2014 as of May 2022, the FyreSHIELD range represents the new generation of fire-rated access panels.

Tested to the current standard for -/60/60 and -/90/30 FRL’s, and “NCC 2022 ready”, with testing in Hebel, Speedpanel, Plasterboard, Concrete/Masonry and now Pronto Panel, the FyreSHIELD ticked all the boxes for compliance on the project.

The Challenge

  • Full insulation required without requiring any back blocking or additional work
  • Testing to AS1530.4:2014 required
  • 60mm Pronto Panel walls had not previously been tested with access panels
  • -/60/60 FRL had not been achieved for a hinged access panel previously
  • Fire resistance in both directions had to be astested
  • The required 600 x 600mm size had to be as-tested

The Delivery

  • Identified that no fully compliant access panel solution existed for the site, and that timelines did not permit any assessment or performance solution
  • Worked with our clients and the builder to confirm requirements and construction details, to ensure the end result would meet the needs of all stakeholders
  • Improved existing designs to ensure a -/60/60 rating in testing
  • Tested the access panel in record time (initial enquiry to tests completed in two weeks), in both directions, achieving the full rating required
  • Delivered the first batch of products to site on time to ensure construction was not held up
  • Delivered a -/60/60, hinged, two way, fully tested and compliant fire-rated access panel to our customer
The Pemumwuy Project, Redfern, where FyreSHIELD is installed. Large sharp buildings with green and grey detailing on a sunny day


Fyre Shield logo for Fire protection

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