Buildform-Part 2: FyreBOX Cast-In | Case Study

Take a look at how the FyreBOX Cast-In was used in a recent Buildform- Residential and Commercial Building  to improve project speed, ensure compliance and most important off all, keep occupants of the building safe!

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FyreBOX Cast-In:

Trafalgar’s FyreBOX Cast-In is a versatile multi-service passive fire penetration system that can be directly cast into building floor slabs. It is designed to prevent the spread of fire through service penetrations while minimizing the space required for riser shafts and cupboards.

FyreBOX Cast-In Features:

  • Intumescent Lined System: The FyreBOX Cast-In features an intumescent lining that expands in the event of a fire, effectively sealing off the penetration.
  • Tight seal and crushes off plastic pipes during a fire: In case of a fire, it forms a tight seal around services and can crush plastic pipes and pipe insulation, ensuring a secure barrier against fire spread.
  • Intumescent foam plugs: Fitted with intumescent foam plugs, the system offers superior reliability and acoustic properties as well as a smoke seal.
  • Allows for flexibility and Future Proofing: The FyreBOX Cast-In allows for easy adds, moves, and changes, providing flexibility in the building’s service layout, throughout the life of the building.
    Compliance with industry standards: It has been rigorously tested to meet the AS1530.4-2014 standard for a range of mixed services.
  • High Fire Resistance Levels (FRLs): The system offers industry-leading FRLs of -/90/90, -/120/120 and  -/240/240 (system specific), ensuring effective fire containment.

FORMA & CONTRA by Buildform

A remarkable residential development in Roselands, NSW, comprising 100 thoughtfully designed apartments and terraces. The project also offers 153 dedicated car spaces, ensuring ample parking capacity for residents and guests. The project, designed by renowned architects Turner Studio, incorporates a mix of one-to-three-bedroom units and also includes a vibrant retail tenancy spanning an area of 700m², adding convenience and vibrancy to the project. The apartments and terraces are intelligently designed to maximize solar aspect, ensuring an abundance of natural light.

Trades and Services using the FyreBOX Cast-In

Benefits of Using FyreBOX Cast-In in the CONTRA & FORMA Project:

  • Replaces fire-rated risers
  • Reduces riser footprint
  • Installed before concrete pour
  • Eliminates need to remove formwork or drill core holes
  • Accommodates a variety of services
  • Custom Cast-ins built based on client’s requests

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