Easy Passive Fire Stopping for
Concrete Walls​

Concrete walls are commonly used in residential and commercial buildings. All services passing through concrete wall types require specific fire tests to AS1530.4. Trafalgar Fire has the most comprehensive range of tested systems to offer for all commonly used building services.

Trafalgar Fire is committed to innovation within the passive fire industry developing new products and existing technologies, specifically designed to maintain the fire resistance level (FRL) of service penetrations through Concrete and Masonry wall systems. Trafalgar Fire is proud to provide options for where an oversized opening has been made in anticipation for services, or where an opening has not yet been made.


We have a wide range of resources available for every product and system to ensure that you’re choosing the right fire stopping solution for your needs.

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FRL Tables, installation instructions, benefits, applications, and more are all available in our comprehensive manuals, for all systems and products.

Passive Fire Stopping Systems for
Concrete Walls​

At Trafalgar Fire, we have a wide range of passive fire systems available for Concrete Walls​. All of our systems have been extensively fire tested at independent fire test laboratories ensuring strict compliance with the National Construction Code.

Use the Interactive Render below to find the best fire-stopping system for your Concrete Walls​ applications!

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