Trafalgar FyreBOX stops more than fire

Trafalgar FyreBOX stops more than fire

Wed, 28th Aug 2019

Anyone that has ever lived in an apartment (or next to a noisy neighbour for that matter) can appreciate the importance of appropriate acoustic protection.


While the acoustic properties of building materials are often thought about during the tender and specification process, the effects on acoustic performance of creating and fire stopping service penetrations rarely are. 

Trafalgar's FyreBOX™ Slab-Mounted system is acoustically rated for RW50 when installed above ceilings to comply with Section F5.5 of the NCC 2019.

Trafalgar’s unique, high quality intumescent foam plugs not only protect from smoke and fire, they also serve as acoustic protection, which is crucial for apartments, nursing homes, hotels and office towers.

With over 100 hours of recorded fire testing to strict Australian standards (AS1530.4-2014) Trafalgar’s orange FireBOX range of products are easy for certifiers to locate, identify and certify, making compliance visible.


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