FyreBOX Article

FyreBOX Article

Fri, 16th Dec 2016

Trafalgar's latest innovative product, FyreBOX, will be showcased in the Australian National Construction Review in January 2017.

Trafalgar Fire’s new engineered fire stopping system, the Trafalgar FyreBOX, is gaining plenty of attention in the building industry. Featuring a patented two-piece, clip together design, the FyreBOX Slab-Mounted has been developed for high-rise residential apartments. It allows for multiple and mixed services to be run quickly and easily prior to wall construction, and in close vicinity to each other. Proven fire testing has eliminated the need for 200mm separation between adjacent services.

“The FyreBOX system ensures that all services are adequately fire stopped and eliminates the common compliance issues associated with residential fire stopping,” explains Leanne Freel, Trafalgar Fire National Sales Manager.

The FyreBOX has been tested in single layer plasterboard, Hebel and other common residential wall systems with all relevant services. The FyreBOX system enables building designers and service consultants to identify the required services location and specify Trafalgar FyreBOX Slab-Mounted, ensuring all services are adequately fire stopped. The Trafalgar FyreBOX range includes FyreBOX Slab-Mounted, FyreBOX Cast-In, FyreBOX Maxi and FyreBOX Mini. Trafalgar Fire recently assisted Next at the Mirage residential development, Meadowbank with a complex fire stopping issue, where the FyreBOX Slab-Mounted was installed in Hebel.

Joseph Di Girolamo, Next Founder and CEO said, “Next have a responsibility to ensure the highest safety methods are practiced onsite and we are responsive to innovative solutions and products such as FyreBOX. We are now proposing to use this system on several major projects across Sydney.”

"Additionally, industry feedback has been extremely positive with many Tier 1 builders now using the FyreBOX Slab-Mounted. It is being specified and used on major projects,” said Leanne.
“Momentum is building for this revolutionary product, and the flexibility of the design has received very positive feedback from building surveyors and designers,” Leanne says. “The use of FyreBOX
allows a completely different approach to who does the fire stopping and why on construction projects. Builders can now plan ahead for services and avoid costly fire stopping mistakes by using FyreBOX. A little bit of forward planning and builders can rest easy knowing that their fire stopping is sound.”

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