FyreChoke Collars - What's The Benefit?

FyreChoke Collars - What's The Benefit?

Mon, 20th Feb 2017

Did you know that Trafalgar stock a range of fire-rated collars?

These collars provide maximum protection against the spread of fire and smoke through walls and floors that are penetrated by plastic pipes.


Not only are Trafalgar's FyreChoke collars great for PVC pipes, our cluster Micro-Collars have also been tested and approved to allow establishment of fire-rating easier than ever for industry professionals.


In addition to the above, FyreChoke has also been extensively tested for use with conduits in single layer plasterboard and Hebel wall, along with the new NBN fiber-optic conduits and fiber cables.


Click Here to see Trafalgar's latest installation video on FyreChoke Collars.

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