Wombat Damper Discontinued

Wombat Damper Discontinued

Wed, 9th Oct 2019

The Wombat range of intumescent dampers has been discontinued, and will no longer be available for purchase.

As a result of changing building trends, regulatory changes and company priorities, Trafalgar have made a commercial decision to discontinue the Wombat intumescent damper range of products. Trafalgar will continue to focus on improving existing products, and developing more modern solutions for the changing market.

The discontinued products/systems are:

  • Fire Damper Ceiling Systems
  • Fire Damper Floor Systems
  • Fire Damper Wall Systems

Trafalgar's technical team will still provide certification for existing installations, as required. For certification of previously installed Wombat dampers please email [email protected] or call our technical team on 1800 888 714.  

Please note that Trafalgar's fire door damper kits are still available for purchase. The Trafalgar Fire Door Damper Kit is fitted to fire tested and proprietary fire doors to allow airflow through them. The kit contains all components for a complete installation as tested to AS1530.4-2005 in accordance with AS1905.1.

Trafalgar's Maxilite Damper Upgrade system is also available for purchase. The Maxilite Damper Upgrade system allows for the sealing of oversized penetrations so that any fire damper which has been independently tested and validated for use in a wall for 120 minutes, can be installed compliantly.

For more information about Trafalgar's existing range of passive fire products, please contact our team on 1800 888 714, or email [email protected].


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