Fire Stopping with a smaller footprint

Fire Stopping with a smaller footprint

Thu, 22nd Aug 2019


Smaller footprint for fire stopping large volume of mechanical services with Trafalgar’s FyreBOX™ range

Trafalgar recently provided an innovative fire stopping solution for a multi-level residential development consisting of 60 apartments over 7 levels with 2 levels of basement parking.

On previous projects, the mechanical contractor had traditionally run pipes through separate penetrations and used a collar on each penetration, or had paid concreters to form larger riser shaft openings.

This traditional method was labour intensive, increased the service penetration footprint and posed risks of potential compliance issues relating to penetration spacing.

The project team wanted a better solution.


Trafalgar Solution

Trafalgar’s technical team met with the builder’s Quality Assurance Manager and the mechanical contractor and discussed potential options, with the FyreBOX™ Cast-In being proposed as the optimal solution.

The FyreBOX™ Cast-In systems were simply nailed into the formwork on each level and concrete was poured around them, with no need for cumbersome additional framing or re-enforcement. The FyreBOX Cast-Ins provided a fire rated penetration, eliminating the need to drill or cut holes after the slab was poured, saving time and labour costs, allowing the mechanical contractor to run services sooner and faster.

On some levels, the sheer volume of insulated pipes needing to be routed from the mechanical plant room to each apartment required the use of multiple FyreBOX™ Cast-Ins, with only a 100mm separation. The result was a clean and tidy installation of mechanical services, through a much smaller footprint than otherwise possible with traditional fire stopping methods.

With over 100 hours of recorded fire testing to strict Australian standards (AS1530.4-2014) Trafalgar’s orange FyreBOX™ range of products are easy for certifiers to locate, identify and certify.

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