Life Safety A Priority

Life Safety A Priority

Tue, 19th Nov 2019

Passive Fire Protection is all about saving lives, and exists to contain or slow down the spread of fire, by compartmentalising a building into fire zones, allowing people to escape potentially deadly fire situations.

Historically, passive fire protection has been an after-thought in the building industry, rarely have passive fire systems been planned ahead or specific systems specified at the design stage. The responsibility of fire stopping service penetrations through fire rated barriers has been the left to the trades installing the services.

With tight deadlines and various trades working around each other, non-compliance due to proximity of services is all too common, often requiring expensive rectification works which delay project completion. More disturbingly, there is a real danger of many defective passive fire systems being undiscovered, endangering lives in the event of a fire.

Campaigning to make passive fire planning a priority at early stages of project design, Trafalgar Fire Containment, a manufacturer and supplier of passive fire products, has developed the FYREBOX range of multi-service firestopping systems, which allow architects and builders to plan where and how services are going to be fire stopped.  The result of years of industry consultation, research and development and over 100 hours of fire testing, the FYREBOX range provides firestopping solution for both floor or wall applications.

One of the products in the range is the patented FYREBOX Cast-In, which is cast directly into the floor slab, and provides a single, compact, pre-formed fire-rated opening in floors that trades can run their services through, eliminating the need for core-drilling of holes or forming openings, and most importantly, eliminating common compliance issues associated with proximity of services.

While casting in fire stopping devices such as fire collars is not new to the industry, Trafalgar's distinctive orange FYREBOX Cast-In is an innovation that accommodates large volumes of mixed services through the single penetration, reducing the required area for fire stopping. This has financial and design benefits for the developer, as it allows a smaller footprint for service risers.

Fire tested and fully approved to AS1530.4 and AS4072.1, the FYREBOX Cast-In achieves a fire rating of up to 4 hours and offers an opportunity for the building industry to improve passive fire compliance, ensuring life safety.

See the FYREBOX Cast-In being installed at a multi-level residential development here and contact our technical team on 1800 888 714 to discuss how you can plan your fire stopping requirements for your next development project.



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