FyreFLEX Sheaths – Visible Compliance

FyreFLEX Sheaths – Visible Compliance

Wed, 6th Feb 2019

It is often difficult to determine whether a penetration that has been fire sealed with a sealant is compliant to AS1530.4 and AS4072.1 just by looking at it, as there is no way of telling whether the sealant was applied to the required depth.

This is a common complaint from certifiers that have to sign off on the compliance of all fire protection systems before issuing a compliance certificate.

Following the recent high-profile fire incidents both in Australia and around the world, there has been a lot of scrutiny placed on fire safety in high-density residential buildings, with mandatory inspections now required.

Trafalgar have engineered a number of fire stopping systems, that make fire stopping clean, fast and easy, and also make the mandatory inspections process faster and easier. Specifically for penetrations that are fire stopped with intumescent sealant, Trafalgar have developed a system which utilises metal shells, known as ‘Sheaths’, that are used in conjunction with the FYREPEX sealant.

The Sheaths visibly show that the FYREPEX sealant has been applied to the correct depth, with the correct “opening” size to ensure the systems work as tested. Furthermore, training staff on the correct fire stopping of penetrations becomes easier and there is less wastage of sealant.

For more information about FyreFLEX Sheaths or any of Trafalgar’s other fire stopping systems offering visible compliance, please contact the team on 1800 888 714 or [email protected].

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