Fire Stopping Electrical Services

Fire Stopping Electrical Services

Tue, 2nd Apr 2019

"Fire stopping is the bane of my existence" is something we often hear from electrical contractors (amongst others).

It needn't be! See how Trafalgar recently assisted an electrical contractor with compliant passive fire solutions.

Product In Action 

Project 4 storey, 70 room hotel expansion
Client Electrical Contractor
Situation The client routed a large number of cables through penetrations in fire rated barriers. The client had limited experience with fire stopping, as they previously outsourced this task or used space restrictive solutions, which would not be possible in this instance.

• Job-Site Walk-Through
Trafalgar’s technical team conducted a job site walk-through with the client to assist with product selection.

• Fire Stopping Products
Larger penetrations with numerous cables: FyreBOX Maxi with Fyrewrap and FyreFlex sealant to achieve required FRL.

Smaller penetrations: FyrePLUG Pillows and FyreFLEX Sealant.

The client was trained on installing the recommended products, with installation guides and videos provided for reference.


The Trafalgar technical team works with a wide range of stakeholders in the construction industry, on retro fit solutions for existing fire stopping conundrums as well as planning fire stopping systems for future construction projects. 

As the team has been involved with fire stopping scenarios on thousands of projects, there is no situation that is too simple or too complex. There is a passive fire solution for any application.

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