FYREBOX Innovation Patent Certified

FYREBOX Innovation Patent Certified

Mon, 3rd Sep 2018

Engineered, designed and manufactured at Trafalgar’s South Granville premises, the distinctively orange FYREBOX Slab-Mounted firestopping device is now patented in Australia.

The innovation patent was certified on 9th July and recognises Trafalgar’s significant investment in research and development.

The FYREBOX Slab-Mounted device is an engineered solution for fast, clean and easy fire stopping where multiple or mixed services need to be routed through fire rated barriers, such as on multi-level residential developments. Since being made available for purchase in 2016, the usage of FYREBOX Slab-Mounted systems in new developments has been growing exponentially, as builders, trades and building surveyors have experienced the time and cost benefits that the system delivers.

Trafalgar’s orange FYREBOX Slab-Mounted can be mounted prior to wall installation, creating a single fire protected service penetration for each unit and that all services can be routed through. Eliminating the need for a 200mm separation between adjacent services, the FYREBOX Slab-Mounted allows all trades to run their services without having to drill holes and seal their penetrations, resulting in faster, cleaner and compliant fire protection solution at a lower cost.

For more information about the patented FYREBOX Slab-Mounted system contact the Trafalgar team on 1800 888 714 or [email protected], or DOWNLOAD THE DATASHEET HERE.

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