2019 FINALISTS - Innovative Product & Technology Award

2019 FINALISTS - Innovative Product & Technology Award

Thu, 17th Oct 2019

Trafalgar's latest innovation, Fyrewrap for Critical Services, has been selected as a finalist for the FPA Innovative Product, Technology & Solutions Award!


The Fyrewrap for Critical Services system was developed following regular enquiries for a fire proofing solution to non-compliant copper hydrant pipe installations. Trafalgar’s technical team liaised with key industry stakeholders to create a simple and effective solution that would benefit the industry.


The Fire Stopping Issue

In Australia and around the world, copper is a popular material for use in sprinkler systems, due to its resistance to corrosion, mechanical strength, ease of fabrication and assembly, minimal flow resistance and comparative service life cost effectiveness.

During fire conditions where copper hydrant pipe has been used in un-sprinklered compartments, the heat within the fire compartment can potentially weaken copper pipes making the hydrant system ineffective which compromises the entire fire suppression capacity of the building.

To address this, fire hydrant pipes made from copper require fire isolation or critical service protection under AS2419.1 using materials that provide an FRL of no less than -/60/60.

Fire protection companies that need to fire protect a copper hydrant pipe in this scenario have previously been forced to build fire rated bulkheads, which are cumbersome, inefficient and in certain situations not possible due to space restrictions.

In situations where bulkheads cannot be built, there was previously no tested and approved fire stopping system to compliantly provide the required FRL. In these instances, fire protection companies had to install additional sprinkler systems to make the compartment sprinklered, so as to comply with the NCC. Alternatively, they had to replace the copper pipework with steel, which incurred significant material and labour costs, as well as time delays.


Trafalgar's Innovative Solution

Fyrewrap for Critical Services

Trafalgar’s Fyrewrap for Critical Services system is an innovative solution that allows for copper hydrant pipes to be quickly and easily wrapped to provide the required FRL, eliminating the problem. Uniquely, the Trafalgar Fyrewrap for Critical Services system has been fire tested to Section 12 of AS1530.4 and approved for this application in Australia. Section 12 of AS1530.4 deals specifically with methods of fire testing for Critical Services. 

Whilst Fyrewrap has been used for fire proofing ducts and providing additional insulation for Trafalgar’s range of fire stopping products for many years now, the Fyrewrap for Critical Services system is a new, innovative application of Fyrewrap, that provides a simple solution to what can otherwise be a complex and expensive problem.

By developing a new application for a product already used in the market for other applications, the system allows fire protection professionals that are already trained on the material to solve fire stopping problems without having to purchase additional tools or equipment.

The Fyrewrap material used in Trafalgar’s Fyrewrap for Critical Services system is approved by the Green Building Council and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), and has received third-party verification as the world's best practice in energy conservation, green asset management and ensuring safe and healthy building for occupants and workers.

Furthermore, it has had microbial resistance testing completed by Green Guard and Air Quality Services, showing it is resistant to mould colonisation.

Trafalgar’s Fyrewrap for Critical Services system can be applied to new buildings and existing buildings as a retro-fit. It is fast and easy to install, reducing time and labour costs.

To find out more about Trafalgar’s Fyrewrap for Critical Services system, please contact our technical team on 1800 888 714, email [email protected] or visit our Fyrewrap website -

About The FPA Fire Protection Industry Awards

The Fire Protection Industry Awards are presented by Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) and celebrate excellence, innovation and outstanding contribution in the fire protection industry. The awards are assessed by a panel of expert, independent judges. Judges are a selection from across fire protection and related industries  and given complete control to select the most outstanding entries to become finalists and award winners.

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"Trafalgar congratulates all nominees and finalists, and wishes all finalists the best of luck"

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