The Firebox Revolution Continues

Mon, 22nd May 2017

The Firebox Revlution Continues within the product family with new and unique developments to ensure the highest levels of ...

FyreWrap Tested to New 1530.4-2014 Standard!

Tue, 9th May 2017

FyreWrap for duct protection is the superior system for fire-protected ductwork – Not all duct wraps are created equal! Insist ...

Sydney Build Expo 2017

Wed, 19th Apr 2017

Special thanks to everyone who attended Sydney Build Expo this year and visited Trafalgar's stand! ...

Silo Hotel Gets A Revamp!

Tue, 18th Apr 2017

Fyrebox installed in unique Silo Hotel! ...

FyreWrap Elite Now in 450mm!

Fri, 7th Apr 2017

New FyreWrap Elite 1.5 450mm Sizing Available to Pre-order!  ...

Does Fire Stopping Exhaust You?

Mon, 27th Feb 2017

Does fire stopping exhaust you? Make your job easier by using our CM2 and CM4 damper boxes to treat your ...

FyreChoke Collars - What's The Benefit?

Mon, 20th Feb 2017

Did you know that Trafalgar stock a range of fire-rated collars? ...

Riding For Country Kids 2017

Mon, 30th Jan 2017

Every child deserves access to specialist health and development care. Your support will transform the life of a child ...

Fyrebox Article

Fri, 16th Dec 2016

Trafalgar's latest innovative product, Fyrebox, will be showcased in the Australian National Construction Review in January 2017. ...

Retiring But Not Tiring

Thu, 15th Dec 2016

Retiring But Not Tiring ...

Hebel Wall Penetrations

Mon, 12th Sep 2016

Trafalgar provides solutions for penetrations in fire rated Hebel wall systems.   ...

Single Layer Solutions for FR Plasterboard Walls

Mon, 5th Sep 2016

Trafalgar provides single layer solutions for fire rated plasteboard walls. ...

Community Support

Tue, 3rd May 2016

Annually Trafalgar's Managing Director and owner, John Rakic, participates in organised marathon bike rides.  Whilst keeping the old bugger ...

Fire Resistance: Insulation Ratings and Temperature Rise

Mon, 6th Apr 2015

Fire Resistance: Insulation Ratings and Temperature Rise - what on earth are we doing or thinking here in Australia ...

Fire Rated Foam - A Killer?

Mon, 1st Dec 2014

The use of so-called 'fire rated' foams for fire stopping of service penetrations or control joints is sadly becoming ...

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