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NCC compliant NCC 2022 ready!

TWRAP is a 25mm thick foil-faced, fire protection wrap that has been engineered to provide insulation performance on service penetrations as required by the National Construction Code (NCC) and tested in accordance with AS1530.4-2014.


What is TWRAP?

  • 25mm thick foil-faced, fire protection wrap
  • Used with penetration sealing systems
  • Aluminium foil, fiberglass-reinforced outside layer completely encapsulates the core
  • Strong- additional handling strength and tear resistance
  • Resists mould growth
  • Thoroughly tested to AS1530.4-2014


Key Features

  • Simple fixing requirements
  • Up to 3 hours fire insulation performance
  • Suitable for cables, cable trays, copper and metal pipes
  • Fully encapsulated wrap system
  • Bio-soluble fibres
  • Easily identified on site for certification
  • Easy to wrap around smaller services
  • Allows for adds moves and changes during the life of the building with a range of Trafalgar
  • Fire’s penetration systems


TWrap Videos

TWRAP for Wall Penetrations - Cable Trays

TWRAP for Wall Penetrations - Metal Pipes

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