New Cladding Projects - Cavity Barriers

New projects require compliance with NCC Section J (Energy Provisions) which requires thermal insulation within the cavities behind the cladding. This creates a large slab edge to cladding gap which needs a special wide cavity barrier solution.

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Cladding systems are often referred to as rainscreens or ventilated facades. The Siderise RH open state Horizontal cavity barriers allow drainage and ventilation whilst utilising intumescent material to seal in the advent of fire. The Siderise RV vertical cavity closed state cavity barriers complete the fire stopping SYSTEM.

The fast, clean and easy systems exceed the requirements of NCC and allow proven world’s best protection against fire for new buildings and recladding of buildings alike.

Key Features

  • Allows continuous ventilation and drainage behind external envelope
  • Products tested in isolation and in large-scale system tests
  • Reactive intumescent has rapid seal closure properties
  • Horizontal barriers can incorporate up to 50mm continuous ventilated air space
  • Vertical barriers accommodate cladding serviceability movement
  • Life cycle


Example Fire Test Reports

Full scale BS8414 APC-FR fire test incorporating Siderise RH intumescent cavity barriers conducted post Grenfell fires in the UK. Download here.

Full scale BS8414 solid Aluminium fire test incorporating Siderise RH intumescent cavity barriers. Download here.


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