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FyreWrap - Hydrant Pipe Protection Systems

Due to its fast clean and easy nature, Trafalgar Fire’s FyreWrap® is now approved for use in the protection of steel pipe hangers and brackets, and copper hydrant pipes in non-sprinklered fire compartments within a building. The FyreWrap® system is simple to install and provides safe and compliant protection in a range of applications to meet AS2419 requirements to prevent early collapse of hydrant systems.

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Fight Fire with Fyre

AS 2419.1-2017 requires that where fire hydrant system pipework is likely to be exposed to fire in a building that is not sprinkler protected, the pipe supports shall have measures taken to prevent its early collapse when exposed to fire (per section 10.4.1). To meet this requirement, Trafalgar Fire has engaged expert fire safety engineers to assess the performance of the FyreWrap® Systems.

Fire Rating: 

Up to 90-minute operational protection 

Key Features:

  • Flexible material for easy installation
  • Secured simply with steel cable ties
  • Greenguard listed for microbial resistance
  • Compliant to AS2419 for steel pipe hanger and support protection
  • Compliant to AS2419 for copper hydrant protection


  • DN100 Copper hydrant protection
  • Up to NB150 Steel pipe hanger, supports and bracket protection
  • Other applications such as duct protection (refer to FyreWRAP Duct Systems for more!)


To discuss this application with one of our engineers, please call us on 1800 888 714 or email the Trafalgar Technical Department at [email protected].



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