FyreWrap - Critical Services

FyreWrap, wrapped and fastened with stainless steel cable ties can be applied directly to copper hydrant pipes up to DN100 to allow safe operating conditions for up to a 90-minute period, well in excess of the requirements of AS2419.1.

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Fight Fire with Fyre

During fire conditions where copper hydrant pipe has been used in un-sprinklered compartments, the heat within the fire compartment can potentially weaken copper pipes making the hydrant system ineffective which compromises the entire fire suppression capacity of the building. To address this, fire hydrant pipes made from copper require fire isolation or critical service protection under AS2419.1 using materials that provide an FRL of no less than -/60/60.

Constructing fire resistant bulkheads to enclose the pipes can be impractical and expensive so Trafalgar now has a tested system that meets the AS1530.4 section 12 requirements for critical services with copper hydrant pipes. The solution is FyreWRAP!


Fire Rating: 

Up to 90-minute operational protection


Suitable for:

Vertical or horizontal hydrant pipe systems designed and installed as per AS2419.1 requirements, for up to DN100 copper pipes.


Where a Copper hydrant pipe is required to have an FRL of -/60/60, it should be appropriately wrapped for the full length of the fire compartment, and the full height of the hanger with 38mm, fully encapsulated Trafalgar FyreWRAP 1.5, sealed/wrapped and installed to meet manufacturers guidelines to meet the fire rating.



To discuss this application with one of our engineers, please call us on 1800 888 714 or email the Trafalgar Technical Department at technical@tfire.com.au.



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