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FyrePEX HP Intumescent Sealant

Part of the Trafalgar  family of products

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Fight Fire with Fyre

Colour: BLACK

FyrePEX High-Performance Sealant is a graphite water-based intumescent mastic sealant that is used for fire stopping of service penetrations through fire-rated walls and floors to prevent the spread of fire for up to 2 hours. 

Key Features:

• Specifically designed for water and gas PEX pipe penetrations
• Also suitable for HVAC&R services
• Quick and easy to apply and install
• FyreSHEATH option helps reduce wastage
• Tested for SpeedPanel, Hebel and plasterboard walls
• Non-toxic & Green star rated for low VOC
• Water based for easy clean up
• Tested and approved in accordance with AS1530.4-2014 and AS4072.1

FYREPEX™ HP Sealant can be used to fire seal:

  • PEX-a and PEX-b water pipes
  • PEX-AL-PEX gas pipes
  • typical air-conditioning services (pair-coil pipes and cables)
  • PVC Conduit including NBN

Can be used in:

  • single layer plasterboard (as thin as 13mm)
  • double layer plasterboard
  • concrete / masonry
  • hebel walls (as thin as 75mm)
  • concrete floors
  • Speedpanel walls

FyrePEX HP Compliance made easy with FyreSHEATH

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